English is Fun

When I was student, I though that learning english is very difficult and confusing we were  not interested to learn english, so that most of us always played truant or absent when english class had been started. Even though you stayed at your class, for sure you will feel bored. English was difficult, yups … in my mind at the time. I had spent my time for about 16 years to study english in the school. Start from elementary school, junior high school, senior hight school, and the last university. But as a matter of fact, I couldn’t speak english well. I had no confident to speak english in my class, moreover to make conversation with foreigner or native.  So what wrong with english?

I know English is very infortant in my life, becouse it is international language. So everybody should  be able to speak english. After I graduated from university, I decided to come to Pare to study english. Pare is small city in Kediri east Java Indonesia, there are so many english courses, so that way Indonesian call it “English Village”.

After I learned in Pare, everything is changed 180 degrees, English is something very disgusting before become very nice. Everybody like english here. I and all of the studenst feel at home in the class room. And here English is really funny, no more bored or scared. Everything becomes happy. As a matter of fact, most of us only need view months to be able to speak english. Everybody dares to shine with his english.

So whats wrong? English? Oh…No..! Absolutly english is not wrong, but we learned the wrong method before. We just learned how to write something with so many rules but we were never  taught how  to speak. As we were babies, we are taught to speak first and then to write.

By: Fachry


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  1. wooooowwww great

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